This is what working together will look like



Inquiry Form/Consultation

The first step is to complete the inquiry form found HERE. The complimentary consultation allows us to sit down via Zoom or phone. This is our opportunity to get to know each other. It is super important that I get to know you, but most importantly get to know your vision for your travel experience. I’m also here to answer any questions you may have. A consultation via phone or Zoom is REQUIRED to ensure that we are a good fit working together. We also will discuss the investment cost to work with us based on your vision. 


Client Onboarding Experience

Following our complimentary consultation, and your desire to move forward with the design process, we will follow up with the invoice and a client agreement. Upon receipt of payment and the client agreement, I will start working with the vast network of travel suppliers to design a truly customized proposal for you. 


The Design Experience

We will take your vision and design proposals for your review. This step takes up to 7 business days. We will deliver the proposals via email.  


Review & Proposal Approval Experience

During this phase, we can review and make changes to get the proposal of your choice, exactly where you want it to be. Once an itinerary is approved, you will move to the next phase which is confirmation and deposit. 


Confirmation and Deposit

Upon your confirmation of the finalized proposal, we will collect any additional information to move forward with booking all the components of your travel experience. We will also collect the deposit and inform you of payment deadlines, in which final payment is usually due anywhere from 90–30 days before the start of your trip. 


Exclusive Client Portal Experience

Once you are confirmed, you will have access to our customized client portal, where you can access your booking and all vacation details right from your computer or smartphone. You can also send me messages, make payments on your own accord, and experience a seamless touchpoint to all of your travel details. You will also be invited to our private Kendra and Company Facebook group, where you can connect with other travelers as you share in the excitement of your upcoming travels.


Design Enhancements/Experiences

During this phase, we will make suggestions to enhance your travel experience, such as adding excursions, experiences, restaurant reservations, spa appointments, private events, etc. 


Delivery of Travel Documents

Two weeks prior to your trip start, you will receive via mail your exclusive travel documents that detail all of your travel arrangements. You will also receive a digital copy as well, where you can access it while on the go.


Off you Go

With our relationships abroad, our international travel partners will look after you from the moment you land at your destination, until you are wheeled up back home. We’ve handpicked these suppliers, as they are the best when it comes to making sure our clients have an amazing experience abroad. 


Welcome Home

Once you’re back home, we love to chat via phone or Zoom about your experience and love to know where you plan on going next. 


I am so happy you trust me to plan all of your memories that will last a lifetime.


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