Let’s talk honeymoons! 



I have been inundated with honeymoon designs these past few months! You probably know by now that honeymoons are my FAVORITE vacations to design. Your honeymoon is most likely the most expensive and most memorable vacation that you will go on, and to be a part of such a special moment in your life is the GREATEST. 

You’re recently engaged and you are knee deep in all things wedding planning- picking out the perfect venue, cake tasting, and maybe even deciding what flowers you would like to have. While it’s such an exciting time in your life, we all know that wedding planning can be stressful. 

Often your honeymoon is one of the last things that you get to decide with your spouse, and while it may be one of the last things that you get to decide, it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. With so many destinations and options, it can be hard to decide on where to spend that coveted time with your soon-to-be significant other. 

Here at Kendra and Company, we really take the time to get to know what you and your partner envision for your honeymoon and then we take those wants and needs and design a honeymoon that is unique and curated just for you + we add some of our own MAGICAL touches as well. 

I’ve outlined some tips to help you or anyone who is looking to start the honeymoon planning process and just to make planning a little easier to navigate. 

Take a look out a few tips we wanted to share with all of those who are looking at planning a honeymoon in the near future.

-When should I start looking at planning my honeymoon?

You typically want to start looking at planning your honeymoon at 6-9 months prior to your wedding date. Prices can change from time to time, so sometimes the earlier you plan, the better. Some of our couples plan their honeymoon a year out, just to give them extra time to pay on their honeymoon, but also to get the most coveted and desirable room locations. 

-Where should I go for my honeymoon?

Where you spend your honeymoon is entirely up to you, as a couple. We recommend that our couples pick a destination that neither one of you has visited to give you new insight and a new experience together. 

-How long should I plan to be in destination for a honeymoon?

Your honeymoon should be designed with you in mind. Most of our honeymoon designs have a average stay of 6-8 nights, and we usually recommend at least 7 nights, but the design is totally up to you. We take a collaborative approach in designing the perfect honeymoon itinerary, with you in mind. 

-What budget should I set for my honeymoon?

You will ALWAYS remember your honeymoon and it should be special. We recommend sitting down with your significant other and coming up with a budget that you are both comfortable spending. How much you spend on your honeymoon, is based on what you both value for your honeymoon, but also making sure that it fits within your budget. At Kendra and Company, we offer a discovery call to help you decide on a budget and possible locations that are within that budget, but also some alternatives. 

-Set up a honeymoon fund to help with cost.

Setting up a honeymoon fund from your friends, family, and wedding guests could help with the cost of your honeymoon. We recommend setting your honeymoon fund alongside with your bridal registry. Clients sometimes like to ask for in-destination excursions as gifts  on their registry. 

Whether you haven’t thought about honeymoon planning or you’re in the beginning stages, we can help. We will meet you where you are in the process while also adding our own SPECIAL touches. Honeymoon planning should be fun and here at Kendra and Company, we take the stress out of planning and make it enjoyable for you and your spouse. 

If you’re ready to start honeymoon planning, we are just a email or phone call away. Feel free to email us at info@kendraandcotravel.com or schedule your discovery call to get started.