Viva La Mexico

  M E X I C O  I S   C A L L I N G   Mexico is – if nothing else – huge. And unlike a lot of the world’s biggest countries (Russia, Canada, and the USA – because of Alaska) it’s not just a frozen wasteland. Pretty much every part of the country is inhabited, and pretty much every part of the country has things going on. In fact, a trip to Mexico without a guide wouldn’t just be foolish – because you’d miss out on so much – it would be downright intimidating!   The best way to see Mexico is – simply – to make more than one trip. Pick one or two places off of this list that sound nice – and limit your touring to them. Actually find time to relax during your vacation, instead of always running around. Trust that this [...]

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Flying Experience Post Covid

Things have changed! It’s a whole different world!   A few weeks ago, I had my first flight post-covid. Now, I am an experienced flyer and LOVE to fly! One of my best friends moved to Atlanta and I wanted to achieve 2 things: 1- Go see my friend and 2- See what the flying experience is like Post-COVID. Until I took this flight, I hadn’t been on a plane in over a year. Like some of you my vacations this year were nonexistent because of COVID. I had 7! Yes 7! Some for business, and some for pleasure. What a bummer, huh?!?!   Flying to Atlanta is an easy nonstop flight, with the flight time just over an hour from Raleigh/Durham. I still have clients of Kendra and Company who are still traveling the last few months of 2020 and I wanted to see what the flying experience is [...]

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Yes, you REALLY need it! Travel Insurance.

Yes, you REALLY need it! So just picture in your mind you’re in Saint Lucia and you’re hiking up the famous Piton mountains. You and your significant are enjoying an exploration day of beautiful Saint Lucia. You take one wrong step and twist your ankle. There’s significant swelling that starts to appear, you can’t bear weight on your leg, and you have intense pain. What’s next? You feel as if you need to seek medical attention but are worried about how much it will cost being that you are in a different country. Buying vacation insurance is IMPERATIVE when planning any vacation. You are investing money on gaining a unique experience, sometimes thousands of dollars. Purchasing vacation insurance can help you in case the unexpected happens while you’re traveling abroad. Vacation Insurance also covers a host of other things too! Look at the list that I’ve compiled below to [...]

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Why I Started my Own Business—My Open Letter

WOW. I can’t believe that this day has arrived. It has been a journey. A LONG ONE. You can basically say that 2020 was my year of awakening. A BIG awakening. Not just for me, but to all of mankind. While a pandemic was threatening the existence of mankind in a major way, here I am of starting my own Travel Agency. The audacity of me … I had been thinking about starting my own business for quite some time. To be honest, the thoughts that I couldn’t do it, were clouding my mind, my frontal lobe, the region that is responsible for judgment and reasoning—I had to insert some medical knowledge in here somewhere since that’s all I’ve ever known. I don’t know anything about business. I don’t have an entrepreneurial mindset, and honestly being an entrepreneur was uncharted territory that I knew nothing about. I was scared, [...]

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